I think of the term community and I think of unity as a whole. Community from my perspective is a group full of diversity but predominantly more African Americans. When the topic is brought up a community can be seen in different ways where the community can be viewed as a family as opposed to a group of random people. Unity is a topic that should be mentioned in today’s society because in this society that we live in the idea of separate but equal is still relevant. For example, when you think of the justice system that we currently live in where African Americans are being murdered while unarmed for no reason because of their skin color but a white male or woman can kill and be viewed by the court as mentally unstable. This proves that communities value more on the skin tone of a person as opposed to the character of individuals.

Community is a term where everyone should be treated as equals as opposed to one race being dominant overall nationwide. I believe that community needs to be addressed more in this society because daily different races are targeted mainly on social media uncontrollably. For example, Asians were targeted more during this pandemic mainly because of social media and President Trump stated that the virus came from China. This proves that the use of social media within this society divides the community as opposed to uniting leading to targeting a specific group. I believe that social media now is more powerful to get a point across now than before because now more viewers can give their opinion on the situations leading to more cyberbullying and targeting races on social media.

When thinking about my community I’m involved more when it comes to stopping situations that have been affecting the community for years. In my community, I’m involved in fundraisers in helping the community grow as opposed to harming the community. I feel that if more action was implemented in my community then the crime rate would decrease and the rate of law enforcement being present would decrease as well. Festivals and events that bring the community out together in my community are very rare because of law enforcement wanting to shut down the events. I feel that if my community in specific wasn’t forced into gentrification at this time then there would be more involved in the community. The value of community now is more services at this time especially in my community because in the eyes of the media individuals that come from my background are already seen as reckless behavior and no self-control. I feel as if there should be a change within the unity of these communities because at the end of the day we’re all the same just a different skin tone.

In conclusion, the topic of community is a term that should be targeted more in the generation than ever because the use of social media in society either makes or breaks a community. The use of social media has affected the community more because it’s being used to divide unity as opposed to increasing the population of the city. Community is a topic that needs to be addressed more because at the rate that this society is going at now there could be another era of separate but equal based on the way communities are treating each other especially towards the skin tone of individuals.